Shure SM27 Review – An Affordable and Powerful Microphone

The Shure SM27

Shure has a long history of being highly innovative and pushing the boundaries when creating audio electronics and microphones. They are obsessed with setting the industry standard with their equipment and are well known for being one of the top producers of musical and audio equipment.

While they began as a wholesaler, they are now known for producing some of the best microphones in the world, including the SM27.

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shure sm27 review – an affordable and powerful microphone

What Is the Shure SM27?

This is an incredibly rugged and durable side-address, large-diaphragm microphone. Shure designed it to feature very little self-noise, making it ideal for many recording uses. It has a great extended frequency response that is able to pick up on nuances in voice and in instruments and keep them clear and bright for the best possible sound when recording or when performing live on stage.

Unlike some other similar microphones that are best only in the recording studio, the Shure SM27 is perfect for use on stage as well, thanks to its construction. This makes it a highly versatile microphone that can easily go from performance to the studio without a drop in sound quality.

Who Is this Microphone Designed For?

This microphone is designed for any musician who will be recording in a studio or will be performing live. There are some great features in the Shure SM27 that ensure that it works well in both situations and that will prevent a loss of sound quality or clarity. Thanks to the three separate layers of mesh that are included in the SM27, it does a great job of reducing breath noise as well as wind. This is useful in a recording studio for obvious reasons, but it is also great for live performances, as it won’t pick up on the movement of musicians, which can create a muffled sound.

Thanks to the lower price and how easily the Shure SM27 can be set up and used, it’s great for musicians of all skill levels. This is great news for beginners who are interested in a high-quality microphone that will improve their sound and is easy to use without making them go over budget. It’s perfect for recording vocals as well as drums, piano, acoustic instruments, and even brass and woodwind instruments.

What’s Included?

The Shure SM27 ships with a few extras, which is great for new musicians. Not only does it come with a protective bag to prevent any damage from occurring to the microphone when it is in transit from the studio to the stage, but it also comes with a shock mount.

This elastic suspension shock mount is perfect for holding the SM27 and preventing it from shifting position or being damaged when in use.

Primary Features of the Shure SM27

One great feature of the Shure SM27 is that it has a very impressive range of nuance. It’s easy to enjoy rich and full sounds from your instruments when recording with the SM27, but you never have to worry about biting string noises that so many other condensers tend to magnify. Other great features include:

  • 15 dB pad switch
  • Uniform cardioid polar pattern
  • 3-position low-frequency cut
  • Flat neutral frequency response
  • Superior off-axis rejection
  • Durable metal construction
  • 3 mesh layers to reduce popping
  • Side-address
  • High output level

Additionally, the Shure SM27 is a dream when connected with cabinets. It offers incredible sound, even at higher volumes. When turning up the volume, it is a good idea to back up the microphone a little to produce the best possible balance.

While the Shure SM27 only offers one polar pattern, it handles that polar pattern extremely well. This means that the cardioid polar pattern does a great job of eliminating any noise from the side. While this isn’t ideal for recording a band or a larger group of musicians, it does a great job of picking up sound perfectly from just one person.

Users are sure to enjoy that the Shure SM27 is able to minimize distortion that can be caused by peaks, thanks to the pad switch.

Alternatives to the SM27

If you love the sound and quality of the Shure SM27 but are looking for something with a little more power, then you may want to consider the Shure KSM32/SL. This cardioid condenser microphone is also ideal for the studio and offers excellent transient response. It features an internal shock mount to reduce handling noise and works well under high sound pressure levels, although the higher price tag may be off-putting to some musicians.

Another wonderful alternative is the Shure PGA27-LC. This is a great microphone that offers a powerful cardioid polar pattern. It’s able to easily pick up audio from the chosen source without any unwanted noise that will blur the sound or make it fuzzy and distorted.

Conclusion – Will You Be Happy Considering this Mic?

Shure SM27-SC cardioid Side-address Condenser includes V elveteen puch and Shock-mount

The Shure SM27 is a surprisingly versatile microphone that works well in a lot of situations, thanks to how easily it can be adjusted and the different characteristics that it boasts. It is not for everyone, as it does take some experimentation to ensure that you enjoy the best possible sound when using the SM27, but musicians who are dedicated to producing the best quality sound will really enjoy what they are able to do with this microphone.

It works well as a single microphone for musicians who don’t have the budget or space for a larger setup, but it also is great for more advanced situations. One thing to consider when looking at the SM27 is that it is a cardioid microphone and doesn’t offer additional polar patterns to choose from. This isn’t a problem if you are looking for a microphone that can be used for a single sound source, but it is an issue for recording from multiple instruments at once. However, since the Shure SM27 works well for both vocals and for music, it really has a wide range of uses. If you are looking for a powerful microphone that offers a ton of control, then the Shure SM27 is a great option to consider.