Sennheiser E614 Review – The Perfect Microphone for Demanding Performances

The Sennheiser E614

Founded shortly after the end of WWII, Sennheiser introduced the first open headphones in 1968. They began producing headsets and then microphones in the following years. In 1996, Sennheiser was awarded an Emmy for the advancements that they had made in RF wireless technology, showing their commitment to quality and to providing some of the best microphones in the world.

They are still very well known for producing great recording and performing equipment that musicians love and for continually producing equipment in a wide range of prices, making it great for musicians of all skill levels.

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sennheiser e614 review – the perfect microphone for demanding performances

What Is the Sennheiser E614?

The Sennheiser E614 is a super-cardioid condenser microphone that Sennheiser designed to stand up to very demanding performances and recording sessions. It was created to meet the needs of musicians who need extended frequency response, a compact size, fast transient response, and high SPL handling.  Even though the E614 was first created with working for overhead drumset miking as the first priority, it works great for percussion setups and can easily fit into tighter setups without problems. It handles high SPLs without any problems and is a medium-sensitive microphone.

While it may seem like a very advanced piece of equipment that only professionals will have in their studio or on stage, it is also a great option for home musicians who want to record in the comfort of their own homes. The price makes it surprisingly affordable for most musicians, and since it is so user-friendly, it is a great option for beginning musicians, as well as more advanced musicians.

Who Is this Microphone Designed for?

The Sennheiser E614 is designed for any musician who is going to be recording or playing live music. It works exceptionally well in both of these uses, which makes it a highly versatile microphone that is designed to meet the needs of most musicians.

It sounds great when used on stage as it is designed to reduce the sound bleed from other instruments, which is one reason why it is so popular with bands. This makes it a great option for use by a praise band, as it can be used to mic up a single instrument or for someone to speak into without a lot of ambient noise being transmitted at the same time.

What’s Included?

When you order the Sennheiser E614, you will get not only a very powerful and popular microphone that is designed to perfectly meet your recording and performing needs but also a microphone pouch. This pouch is soft and strong, so you never have to worry about your microphone being damaged or breaking when you are on the road or your microphone is in storage.

It also ships with an MZQ100 microphone clip. This clip is designed to hold the Sennheiser E614 securely and prevent it from shifting positions or wobbling during use, but it is also fast-release. This means that musicians using this clip can rely on their microphone to be secure, but also quickly grab it and take it with them when performing.

Primary Features of the Sennheiser E614

The Sennheiser E614 is a wonderful option for any musician who wants to ensure that they sound clear and bright without picking up any sound from other musicians or vocalists on the stage. This is thanks to the strong super-cardioid pickup pattern that the E614 offers. Other great features include:

  • Supercardioid pickup pattern
  • Offers a nearly flat response from 40 Hz to 20 Hz
  • Easily captures contact and shimmer of hands, sticks, and mallets
  • Lower weight is great for most applications
  • Electric condenser transducer

The smaller size of the Sennheiser E614 ensures that it is never in the way when you are performing or recording. While some musicians may worry about the power that the E614 offers and whether or not the smaller size will affect recording power, it is a durable and strong mic that is great for most purposes.

Thanks to the great acoustic properties of this mic, it can easily go from recording in a studio to performing on stage to recording at home without any problems. It offers a clear and bright sound no matter where it is used, which is one reason why it is so popular and versatile.

Alternatives to the E614

The Sennheiser E614 is a great microphone, but if you are in need of a set, then you may want to consider the Rode M5. This compact condenser microphone ships in pairs that cost the same as just one Sennheiser E614, making it a really great choice for musicians who are on a tighter budget. These microphones are a wonderful choice for use in a stereo array or individually and offer great sound control and recording.

Another wonderful alternative is the Audio-Technica AT2021. This cardioid condenser microphone is perfect for musicians on a budget who are still interested in buying high-quality equipment that is built to last and will offer impressive sound. It features a very rugged design that makes it perfect for live performances and offers a cardioid polar pickup to reduce any ambient noise from recording or performing.

Conclusion – Should You Consider this Mic?

Sennheiser E614 Super-Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Sennheiser designed the E614 to be a great microphone that is versatile and able to stand up to very demanding recording sessions without any problems, delays in sound, or feedback issues. Because of this, the E614 is a great option for most recording and live performances and offers musicians tons of control over their sound and the clarity they enjoy.

If you are going to be doing any recording or performing on stage, then you will definitely want to consider the Sennheiser E614. The low price tag of this powerful microphone makes it a great option for most musicians, and since it is so easy to use, it is perfect for musicians of all skill levels. This means that it is a wonderful choice for beginners working on a demo to professionals, and even for use at church. No matter where you are going to be playing, if you want a microphone that can stand up to demanding sessions, then you want to consider the Sennheiser E614.