Roland VR-730 Review – A Dream in the Studio and on Stage

The Roland VR-730

Founded in 1972, Roland quickly built a reputation for creating some of the best electronic musical instruments on the market. With factories in the US, Japan, and Taiwan, Roland still manages to provide high-quality service to their customers while pushing musical boundaries.

This willingness to push themselves to create better equipment and instruments is what makes them such a favorite among new and advanced musicians. Their VR-730 is not only attractive and powerful but offers plenty of control and incredible sound, which is why it’s so popular.

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roland vr 730 review – a dream in the studio and on stage

What Is the Roland VR-730?

This is an impressive and surprisingly powerful keyboard instrument that features synth, organ, acoustic piano, and electric piano sounds. The 73-note waterfall keyboard is designed to offer you complete sound control when playing organ music and also piano timbres. Released in 2017, it’s a travel-ready instrument that is light enough to be carried to gigs without worrying about dealing with bulky or very heavy equipment.

The Roland VR-730 is much more than simply a performance keyboard. It features incredible stereo sound and an authentic playing feel. Because it offers real-time control, it’s perfect for musicians who want to be able to change up their sound or add additional trills or sounds to their music at a moment’s notice.

Who Is this Digital Keyboard Designed for?

The Roland VR-730 is designed for musicians who are going to be recording and touring, but it really is best for gigging artists. Thanks to the lightweight design of the VR-730, it’s easy to grab and go when you are on the move, and the durable chassis is able to withstand being bumped and knocked without any damage occurring on the inside. The matte finish on the control panel eliminates harsh reflections when you’re on stage and prevents fingerprints and smudging, keeping your setup always looking great.

While the Roland VR-730 seems easy to use, it’s actually a fairly advanced piece of equipment. For that reason, it’s a better option for intermediate or more advanced musicians. Beginners will be able to coax great sound from the Roland VR-730, but only more advanced musicians will be able to perfectly create the layered and unique tones that they really want.

What’s Included?

Like other similar pieces of equipment, the Roland VR-730 ships by itself. This means that you will want to have on hand an iPad to be able to use the free editor, headphones to listen to your music, and an amp. It’s also a good idea to invest in a high-quality computer that can handle music editing software if you are going to be recording and editing your songs at a later time.

Roland does have an Axial website that offers an onboard sound library that users can access to obtain free downloads. This is great for musicians who are looking to expand and improve their sound.

Primary Features of the Roland VR-730

The waterfall keyboard is one of the first things that people notice when they look at the Roland VR-730, and for good reason. It not only looks great but offers a smooth touch response with the right resistance for comfortable playing. Additionally, it is incredibly responsive, making it great for soft glissandos, fast passages, and percussive attacks. Other great features include:

  • Seven simultaneous effects
  • Dedicated real-time controls
  • Semi-weighted action keys
  • Weighs only 21 pounds
  • Runs on AC power or batteries
  • Free iPad editor to customize synth and organ sounds
  • Three onboard rotary effects

The Virtual Tone Wheel Organ emulates the sound generation of a real tonewheel organ, which gives this equipment a lot of power and improves the sound it offers. It also has nine harmonic bars with classic tone control.

There are many synths that are ready to play, allowing musicians to get started right away. Beginners who really want to invest in the Roland VR-730 will find that these synths make it easy to start making music without a lot of practice. Since these sounds have been organized into one-touch categories, it’s incredibly easy for musicians to find the sound that they are looking for.

The clear LCD screen, as well as the intuitive layout of the front panel, allows musicians to work quickly when playing. Because the Roland VR-730 is set up to offer fast access to sounds, controls, and effects, musicians won’t have to worry about major delays when recording or performing. This is especially useful for musicians who like to think on their feet and express their creativity when performing.

Alternatives to the VR-730

The Roland VR-730 is incredibly powerful, but if you are looking for an alternative, then you may want to consider the Korg SV-1BK. This is another 73-key stage piano and offers incredible piano sounds. It features 36 in-demand vintage keyboard sounds and retro-inspired performance. With three-band EQ and six reverb/delays along with other features, the SV-1BK is an alternative worth considering.

If you have a slightly bigger budget, then the Yamaha CP73 is a great option. With 73-keys, great balanced hammer action, and dedicated real-time controls, it’s a powerful piece of equipment. You can enjoy seamless sound switching, so you don’t suffer from sound cutoff when changing notes, as well as a sustain pedal for the ultimate control over your sound and tone.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider this Keyboard?

Roland, V-Combo Live Performance Keyboard, 73-Key (VR-730)

The Roland VR-730 is incredibly powerful, making it a great piece of equipment for many musicians to consider. Because it is so advanced, it is generally a better option for intermediate or advanced musicians, but beginners can use it as well, they may just have a little more problems getting started.

If you have the room in your budget to invest in this equipment and are interested in something that will give you complete control over your sound, then the Roland VR-730 may be right for you. It can easily be used with the praise band on Sunday mornings or at late night gigs, making it a powerful and versatile option.