ProPresenter 6 Review – Making Presentations During Live Church Events Easier Than Ever Before

The ProPresenter 6

Any church that has live events, whether they are on Sunday morning for traditional worship or during the week for special presentations, needs to make sure that they are able to set up production quickly and easily.

Opting for high-quality software that is designed to make it easy to set up production and control presentations on large screens allows churches to customize their event and to ensure that all people there are highly involved.

Using a program, such as ProPresenter 6, is a great way to make it easy to set up presentations, videos, and to integrate social media for interactive and exciting results.

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propresenter 6 review – making presentations during live church events easier than ever before

What Is the ProPresenter 6?

This software is a powerful cross-platform presentation and music software that is designed to help churches broadcast information during live events. It can be used to showcase photographs, videos, lyrics, and Bible verses, making it a great option for any modern church who enjoys contemporary services.

An updated version, ProPresenter 6 goes beyond the app, allowing users to enjoy mobile integration for additional control and access to ProCloud. This allows churches to synchronize machines via the internet, allowing for great workflow between computers and users.

Who Is this Software Designed for?

While originally designed for use in churches, ProPresenter 6 is now used by corporations, sporting teams, and even at trade shows. It really shines when used for a church service, as it has a lot of features that make it easy to set up presentations that are engaging.

Additionally, it is designed to be not only incredibly powerful but also shockingly easy to use, making it accessible to most people.

Since ProPresenter 6 opens with a few minutes of a tutorial that allows for fast and thorough training, this program is great for any user who may not have experience with this type of program.

Additionally, it offers free online training in the form of video tutorials that are free to access even before purchasing the software. What this means is that church employees can become familiar with the program so they are confident enough to use it upon purchase.

Originally designed to be used by churches, ProPresenter 6 stays true to these roots with features that are specific to worship content. Not only does it feature a scripture engine that allows for access to Bible translations in many languages, but it also features an ability to import lyrics for services from CCLI SongSelect.

What’s Included?

ProPresenter 6 is delivered electronically, which means that churches don’t have to worry about having space for physical components. The real beauty of ProPresenter 6 isn’t in what ships with it, but the powerful features that it offers.

Primary Features of the ProPresenter 6

One thing that really sets ProPresenter 6 apart from other similar programs on the market is that it has a revamped video engine. This allows users to enjoy incredibly high-quality video output, no matter the size of the screen they will be working with. Other great features include:

  • A cross-platform program that can be used on both Mac and Windows computers
  • Outputs are always live
  • Features many tools for productions and high-quality presentation
  • Includes enhanced editing tools

Simple video playback wasn’t always possible in the past, but it is now with ProPresenter 6. Thanks to this powerful tool, church employees can not only import and play videos inside of ProPresenter 6, but they can change the brightness, color, volume, and even crop and zoom for the best appearance during the performance.

There are many impressive transitions choices for users to choose from when setting up a presentation. This keeps presentations fresh and prevents boredom.

A new feature is that employees can set up “tickers” that scroll across the screen, which is perfect for lyrics of songs or for providing information about events and services.

The included templates with ProPresenter 6 are designed to make it easy for any beginning user to start operating this program right away.

Alternatives to the ProPresenter 6

Churches who only need to be able to broadcast lyrics for songs that are used during service may want to consider Videopsalm Presentation Software. It makes it easy for users to broadcast song lyrics in the form of slideshows.

Thanks to the ability to quickly and easily find song lyrics and to download them for instant use, this is a great option for churches who don’t need to complete presentations, but rather only need to showcase lyrics for congregation participation.

MediaShout 6 is another great alternative to ProPresenter 6. It was also designed specifically for churches and makes it easy to create slides for songs, Bible verses, and announcements in very little time. It doesn’t have as many features as ProPresenter 6 does and isn’t as complex, which means that the end results can look a little basic, but it is an affordable option.

Conclusion – Is this Software Worth a Second Look?

Renewed Vision ProPresenter 6 | Single User License PC Only

ProPresenter 6 is an obvious choice for powerful church software for any church that is looking to be able to show presentations during service or at other times during the week.

It is powerful enough to create impressive presentations but is surprisingly easy to use, making it a wonderful choice for any church that is looking to be able to complete special presentations for their congregation, staff, or for outside groups in the community.

Even though it has a higher price tag than some churches may be comfortable with at first, it is a very versatile software that can be used over and over without any additional cost.

Any church that is looking to improve their presentations or who wants to be able to broadcast lyrics or sermon notes during the service will want to consider ProPresenter 6.

It’s designed to be easy to use and comes with plenty of supportive online videos and tutorials to help walk new users through setting up presentations.

If there is room in the budget for this software and a church is looking to improve its presentations and interaction during services, then it’s time to consider ProPresenter 6.