PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece Review – A Fresh Sound That Will Have You Excited

The PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece

While Drum Workshop, or DW, was originally founded as a teaching studio in 1972, they quickly began selling drum equipment as a way to cover their facility costs. Their first product was a height-adjustable trap seat that was met with large demand, leading DW to start manufacturing hardware instead of teaching.

Soon after, they began to create and sell drum kits, carefully matching the timbre of the drum shells. Thanks to their commitment to quality, they have musicians such as Don Henley and Travis Barker who love their instruments.

While Drum Workshop is known for producing high-quality instruments that tend to be more expensive, they have a division company called Pacific Drums and Percussion. The instruments and drum equipment produced under this division are affordable but just as durable and quality. Their PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece kit is such as high-quality as their other instruments on the market.

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pdp concept maple 7 piece review – a fresh sound that will have you excited

What Is the PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece?

The Concept Series drums are re-imagined and designed to be boutique-inspired. They are created for every drummer and have been designed to include not only a fresh and updated look but also a new sound that will have all drummers talking and excited.

While these Concept Series drums are made in both birch and maple, there are a few reasons to choose the PDP 7-Piece Maple kit over a birch kit. Maple shells are much denser and harder than birch, resulting in drum heads that tend to be heavier, as well. When you opt for maple over another wood, you will enjoy better resonance and a higher mid-range. They have a warmer sound and tone that is very even, even though they won’t project as much as birch will.

Who Is this Drum Set Designed For?

It’s not only the wood chosen to make these drums that make them special, but also the configuration of the PDP 7-Piece Maple kit. Because it includes most everything that you need to start playing drums, this is a great option for beginning drummers who want to start playing but aren’t sure where to start. The drums are all incredibly high-quality and built to sound great in practice, recording, or on the road.

While beginners can certainly use and love the PDP 7-Piece Maple kit, advanced musicians will also enjoy these instruments. They are held to incredibly high standards, which means that musicians don’t have to worry about them failing when on the road. While this kit doesn’t come with as high prestige as a kit from Drum Workshop, it’s much more affordable and built to the same high standards.

What’s Included?

This is a great pack that includes a bass drum, snare drum, 3 rack toms of varying sizes, 2-floor toms of varying sizes, and all of the tension rods and hardware that you need to set up your drums. Chrome hardware doesn’t just look great, but also is high-quality and will prevent the drums from being damaged.

It’s important to note that it does not ship with cymbals and cymbal stands. If you want to include these as part of your kit, then you will need to invest in them separately.

Primary Features of the PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece

True Pitch tuning rods have added thread count that provides an expanded tuning range. While this advancement is now included in most drums industry-wide, the True Pitch tension rods included with these drums are incredibly long and built to last so that you don’t need to worry about not achieving the right sound. Other great features include:

  • 10-ply snare shells
  • 7-ply tom/kick shells
  • Die-cast claw hooks
  • Dual-turret lug
  • True-pitch tension rods
  • Fully chromed snare wires
  • All-maple shells
  • True pitch tuning

The shells are made from multiple plies, which results in a very stable and strong shell. Because these drum heads are designed with 7 and 10 plies, they are very resistant to warping and other damage.

This kit also includes the patented DW Suspension, Tom Mount. This system makes it possible for drums to freely vibrate while still being held securely in place, resulting in maximum resonance and great tone. Due to the lack of grommets or washers that will inhibit the lug rod receiver, there is very little choking, and musicians can easily tune.

Alternatives to the Concept Maple 7 Piece

The PDP 7-Piece Maple kit is ideal for many drummers, but if you are looking for something a little different then you may want to consider the Pearl Stain Black Burst DMP927SPC262. This drum kit is great for professionals and includes an exceptional mounting system that provides stability as well as a clear and bright tone. It also is made from 5.4mm 100% maple shells.

If the price of the PDP 7-Piece Maple kit is too high for you but you still want a great drum kit then consider the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kit as an alternative. It’s made with 100% birch drum shells and has die-cast claw hooks complete with rubber insertion plates so that you don’t have to deal with noise from rattling drum heads. The YESS system reduces contact between hardware and shell and prevents any movement while still allowing for quick head changes.

Conclusion – Is this Drum Set a Good Choice for You?

PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack - 7-piece - Satin Seafoam

Any drummer who loves Drum Workshop drums but isn’t a fan of the price tag will enjoy the PDP 7-Piece Maple kit. By buying this kit, you will enjoy the same commitment to quality as Drum Workshop drums, but you will be able to take advantage of the more affordable price. No matter whether you are going to play in nightly gigs or want to record with your band, this kit will give you the sound quality you deserve.

It’s a great option for a church to invest in for their praise band. Because it offers so much power and flexibility, it can easily be used for Sunday morning services and then moved out of the way during the rest of the week. It’s perfect for drummers of all abilities, making it an option you will definitely want to consider when shopping.