Matrox Monarch HD Review – Enjoy Live Streaming and Recording

The Matrox Monarch HD

Larger churches often find themselves streaming their events, whether that event is a Sunday morning worship services, a revival, or a speech and interview with a famous Christian author or speaker. Having the right equipment on hand makes it possible for a church to enjoy not only streaming the event so that people who aren’t present can enjoy it but also record it at the same time.

Any church who wants to be able to stream services and record them for uploading at a later time will benefit from having the right equipment for the job. The Matrox Monarch HD is a powerful piece of equipment designed to do just this, and to be easy to use.

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matrox monarch hd review – enjoy live streaming and recording

What Is the Matrox Monarch HD?

This is a small, yet very powerful, streaming and recording device that was designed to make it possible for churches and other users to live stream events while recording.

Not only will the live stream look great when using the Matrox Monarch HD, but the recording is high quality and designed to impress.

This recording is great for archiving for the future, as well as for editing. When paired with the right editing software, the Matrox Monarch HD is a powerful and reliable piece of equipment.

It is designed to take the place of multiple pieces of equipment, as users can rely on it for both streaming and recording.

The Matrox Monarch HD has been on the market for over five years, which speaks to its longevity and how useful it is for churches, as well as for other businesses.

Check out this video explaining more about the Monarch HD

Who Is this Video Encoder Designed for?

This is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment that is great for any church that wants to record and stream live events. Even though it is so powerful, it is surprisingly easy to use, which is great news for churches that may not have a professional on staff or in the congregation.

The high price tag of the Matrox Monarch HD, however, can put it out of reach of some churches. It is priced a bit higher than other similar options on the market. This can make it difficult for smaller churches or churches that need more than one device, to afford it.

What’s Included?

The Matrox Monarch HD ships with the device itself, as well as an external power supply and power cords. This makes it easy to set up the equipment and start recording right away. Remote recording is controlled through a web page, which means that users don’t have to worry about having a separate remote that they need to keep on hand.

Additionally, this equipment requires an HDMI cord and USB cords to connect it to the computer, camera, or converter. Most churches have extra HDMI cords in their A/V equipment storage that they can use for this. A high-quality SD card is also necessary for recording.

Primary Features of the Monarch HD

One great feature of the Matrox Monarch HD is that users can operate recording controls and adjust the equipment while it is running without any problems.

This means that making changes to the Matrox Monarch HD won’t result in changes in the streaming, which can easily lower the quality of the video. This gives users complete control over their streaming and recording at all times. Other great features include:

  • Stunning recordings, thanks to the high-quality deinterlacing
  • Upload videos as MOV or MP4 files
  • HDMI connectivity to monitor recording and streaming
  • Small chassis and design prevents the equipment from being in the way
  • Record to a variety of media types
  • Impressive presets to make the equipment easy to use right out of the box

Since the Matrox Monarch HD is rack-mountable, this means that churches who have a more permanent setup can easily mount this equipment. This makes it easy to enjoy professional recording and streaming at all times without having to worry about quality.

It’s easy to control this equipment via a simple web page. Any network that offers support for web browsing makes it easy to remotely control and command the Matrox Monarch HD. Additionally, up to four of these devices can be controlled from a single web page, which is great news for larger churches who have big setups.

The Matrox Monarch HD can fully integrate with Crestron systems, which is great for churches who have already made this investment.

Users can set up multiple recording profiles on the Matrox Monarch HD. This allows them to move the equipment from one recording environment to another without worrying about a drop in video and sound quality. Mixing and matching various saved profiles makes it easy to pick the one that will best meet the needs of the current recording location.

Alternatives to the Matrox Monarch HD

The first alternative we would like to point out is not another piece of equipment, but a service. Our very own Easy Live Streaming solution that is plug n play and not only records your video but allows you to stream to multiple platforms at the same time. Not only is it plug n play but it is so simple you do not even need a volunteer to monitor the equipment.

The Matrox Monarch HD is incredibly powerful, but its high price tag can be difficult for some churches to afford, which is why the URay Tech MPEG4 is a great option. This is a video encoder that is designed to broadcast audio and video. It’s very easy to use, although the video quality may not be as high as users will enjoy with the Matrox.

Another great budget option is the URayTech HEVC. This is perfect for recording and broadcasting live video and is surprisingly easy to use. It makes it easy to record videos and to enjoy live broadcasts, whether that is on TV or online.

Conclusion – Is this Video Recorder Worth Consideration?

Matrox Monarch HD Simultaneous Live Streaming & Recording

While the Matrox Monarch HD is a bit of an investment, this powerful equipment makes it possible for any church to record and broadcast events, sermons, and speakers.

This is great for churches who are engaged with the community and want to make sure that they are always reaching out and including others.

It’s also a great piece of equipment for preserving the history of the church. While it is easy to use, the high price of the Matrox Monarch HD can be a huge drawback for many churches.

Churches who need this type of equipment and have the money in their budget for it, however, are sure to be thrilled with its power and control.