Kurzweil Forte SE Review – All of the Power a Musician Needs

The Kurzweil Forte SE

While Kurzweil originally developed reading machines for the blind, their company was able to use some of these same technologies and adapt them to make music. Their first instrument was released in 1983 and they have kept producing and improving on style and power.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Kurzweil released the first stage piano that they marketed as being the “ultimate all-in-one gig machine”. Thanks to their commitment to quality and willingness to push themselves to improve, they are known for making some of the best musical equipment in the world.

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kurzweil forte se review – all of the power a musician needs

What Is the Kurzweil Forte SE?

The Forte series was started in 2014, with the Forte released as the flagship piano. While it was based on the architecture of the original Artis, it has a lot more features. The Forte SE is the most recent release in this series and is a simplified version of the original Forte. While it has fewer effects and sounds, it still offers plenty of control and power.

The Kurzweil Forte SE is packed with two Gigabytes of sounds, which is astonishing since it technically has less than the original Forte and the Forte 7. As the newest release in the Forte line, musicians can rest easy knowing that it offers all of the raw power and exceptional control as the prior releases.

Who Is this Digital Piano Designed for?

Because it is a little less expensive, this is a great option for musicians who have a smaller budget but are still in the market for a durable, reliable, and high-quality piece of musical equipment. The Kurzweil Forte SE does have fewer effects and sounds, but most beginners, intermediate musicians, and even advanced musicians will still be able to get great use out of this equipment and easily control it.

It is made to be on the stage, and while it sounds incredible in recordings, it really shines when used for live music. For this reason, it’s best suited to musicians who are going to be using it in live gigs on a regular basis. It works really well for churches who have praise bands or want to fully integrate their electronics to easily control them from a central location.

What’s Included?

The Kurzweil Forte SE ships without any additional components, which is not surprising, as this is very common for keyboards and digital pianos. You will want to make sure that you have a high-quality amp and headphones on hand so that you can hear the music you’re making.

Additionally, if you want to really exert control over your sound and edit your music easily, then you will need to make sure that you have a fast and powerful computer, along with music editing software. This will make it easy for you to update, edit, and control your sound.

Primary Features of the Kurzweil Forte SE

One feature that really stands out when you opt for the Kurzweil Forte SE is that you can not only access and load your selected sounds instantly, but you have speedy navigation when using this instrument. The FX Engine is designed to operate incredibly quickly, allowing you to navigate without any delays, which is important when performing live.

  • 16-part stage piano
  • FX Engine
  • FlashPlay Technology
  • 28 fully programmable physical controllers
  • 128-voice polyphony
  • Three-band master equalizer
  • 88 weighted-hammer keys
  • A.S.T. editing via the front panel

Additionally, the V.A.S.T. editing is easy and powerful. It’s accessible from the front panel of the Kurzweil Forte SE, which means that you don’t ever have to search for what you want. Because there are 32 layers for each program, each with their own signal path and DISP tools, you have a wealth of imagination and creation at your fingertips.

Every sound that you make with the Kurzweil Forte SE is perfectly matched to the key that you press. The keys all have a perfect hammer action, which means that they are not only easy to play, but also comfortable and enjoyable for long performances.

The 4.3” widescreen color LCD display is designed so that you can easily see and read the screen no matter how bright or dark it is. What this means is that you can easily navigate and control your music no matter where you are playing.

Alternatives to the Forte SE

While most people are happy with the Kurzweil Forte SE, it may not be for you. If you are looking for something with a little more power and control, then you may want to consider the Kurzweil Forte 7. This piece of equipment does come with a higher price tag but is a full-featured Forte. It has 76 keys that are all fully weighted and an impressive selection of effects and sounds to choose from when making music.

Another great alternative is the Kurzweil SP6-8. This is a 99-key piano and has fully-weighted hammer keys, but is a great option for musicians on a budget. It still features 32 FX units of horsepower, incredible choruses, reverbs, flangers, delays, and more, and weighs just 27 pounds. Because you have real-time control thanks to four knobs, two wheels, one switch, and pedal inputs, you can easily perfect your sounds and music on the go.

Conclusion – Should You Give this Digital Piano a Chance?

Kurzweil Music Systems Forte SE 88-Key Stage Piano with FlashPlay Technology

Even though the Kurzweil Forte SE isn’t the most powerful piece of equipment in the Forte series, it is packed with incredible features and unbelievable Labe power and control, making it a wonderful option for any musician who is ready to take their creativity into their own hands. It is a little more expensive than other options, but the benefits that it offers make up for the price.

If you are touring regularly or have a lot of gigs lined up, then you will definitely want to consider buying the Kurzweil Forte SE. Additionally, churches who want to control all of their sounds easily can benefit from the power that this equipment offers, making it a wonderful choice for the church who has extra money in the praise band budget.