Korg Kronos 61 Review – A Distinctive Synthesizer for the Discerning Musician

The Korg Kronos 61

Korg, a Japanese multinational corporation, is known for making high-quality electrical musical instruments. They produce tuners, recording equipment, pedals, and synthesizers that are all manufactured to be high-quality to ensure incredible tone and durability.

Their Kronos 61 is no exception and perfectly exemplifies the quality to which Korg holds all of their equipment and the benefits that it offers the musicians who use it.

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korg kronos 61 review – a distinctive synthesizer for the discerning musician

What Is the Korg Kronos 61?

The Korg Kronos is the flagship keyboard of the synthesizer line put out by Korg. It is available in three different configurations, with each one offering the same performance and capacity, and the difference between the three being the key bed. The Korg Kronos 61 is the 61-key version that has a responsive synth-action and is an incredibly powerful piece of musical equipment.

It’s loaded with everything that musicians need to create high-quality musical tracks, making this second-edition keyboard workstation a great choice. Artists like Derek Sherinian and Jordan Rudess have used the Korg Kronos 61 in the past thanks to the easy-to-navigate system and sleek housing.

Who Is this Synthesizer Designed For?

While this synthesizer is surprisingly easy for beginners to use, thanks to its intuitive interface and responsive controls, due to how powerful it is, it is generally only used by more advanced musicians. Anyone who is going to be performing live, practicing at their home or recording will be able to benefit from the power and production that they can enjoy from this piece of equipment.

Unlike some synthesizers that are best suited for a particular type of music, the Korg Kronos 61 works well across all genres. This means that musicians who perform hip-hop, dance, jazz, rock, or any other style of music will be able to incorporate the Korg Kronos 61 into their performances and production. It’s great for creative artists who are willing to work hard to push the boundary and want to accomplish musical feats that haven’t been attempted before.

Thanks to the expansive control surface, it is relatively easy to use, and the setlist mode makes it easy to choose gig-ready sounds and songs, which is great for musicians who are performing for the first time.

What’s Included?

Like most synthesizers, the true power of the Korg Kronos 61 doesn’t come from accessories that ship with it, but rather from what the synthesizer is able to do. Not only does this synthesizer have state-of-the-art technology, but it can connect easily to external audio sources via the correct cables. It also offers the KRONOS Expansion Sound Libraries so that users can access any sounds that they need for their performance.

Make sure that you have all of the cables, instruments, amplifiers, and headphones that you are going to want to use with the Korg Kronos 61 when it arrives. This will allow you to start making impressive music without any delay.

Primary Features of the Korg Kronos 61

Using a USB connection, the Korg Kronos 61 can easily send MIDI signals to your computer and receive them as well. This allows users to edit settings and sounds on their computer. Additionally, using the advanced Kronos Plug-in Editor, users can access their Korg Kronos 61 from DAW systems just as if it were a plug-in instrument. Other great features include the following:

  • 61-key keyboard
  • Weight hammer action
  • Massive synthesizer engine
  • Built-in audio interface
  • 8” touchscreen
  • Nine distinct sounds
  • Enhanced grand piano engine
  • Access to KRONOS Expansion Sound Libraries

Not only is the touchscreen full color, but it offers touch drag capability as well. What this means is that musicians who use the Korg Kronos 61 will be able to work quickly when using this screen. They can move intuitively, which is ideal for performing live.

With 16 internal effects that you can choose from, it’s easy to see how the Korg Kronos 61 can adapt to your musical style. You can also use 12 different internal effects to apply to multiple or individual timbers or tracks. There are also two master effects as well as two total effects.

Musicians will love that they can easily recall favorite programs, song data, and combinations, no matter what mode they are currently in. With 128 setlist locations to choose from, it’s easy for musicians to move quickly and change settings when performing live.

Alternatives to the Kronos 61

While the Korg Kronos 61 is a great choice for many musicians, it may not be right for you. In that case, you will want to consider the Korg KROME73. This powerful production station features a large touch view display as well as an impressive library of unlooped stereo piano samples. In addition, it features more than 600 drum grooves, 640 programs, and 900 arp patterns, which is great for advanced musicians to use and enjoy and is especially inspiring for beginners.

The Yamaha MODX8 is another great option that is worth a second look. It controls FM-X and AWM2 sound engines and features a Super Knob control that makes it easy to interact with the sound you’re making. Thanks to the four-part seamless sound switching, users can change their performances without any effects or sounds being cut off.

Conclusion – Should You Give this Synth a Chance?

Korg KRONOS2 61 Key (KRONOS6)

All in all, the Korg Kronos 61 is one of the most powerful synthesizers on the market today and is loaded with powerful features that really set it apart from the competition. It is a great option for live performances and features many unique settings that make it easy to use when in a rush and performing for a large crowd.

Thanks to the power of this synthesizer and the various sounds and settings that musicians can choose from, it works well with all styles of music. This makes it great for use on Sunday mornings as well as for playing other gigs during the week. If you have room in your budget to invest in a high-quality piece of equipment and want something that will last for years, the Korg Kronos 61 is worth considering.