HuddleCamHD SimpleTrack Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera Review

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

When you’re looking for the perfect auto-tracking PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, you certainly have a lot of options to choose from. Once you’ve decided that this is the type of camera you need for your classes, presentations, or meetings, it becomes a little easier to find the one that is right for you, and one camera you may want to consider is the HuddleCamHD auto-tracking PTZ camera. This second-generation camera, known as the SimplTrack2 camera, is a high-quality device that has all of the features you need for crystal-clear and very professional streaming and filming of all of your presentations.

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HuddleCamHD SimpleTrack Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera Review 1

Why Is the SimplTrack2 Different?

This is a super-advanced camera that utilizes all of the latest technologies to make sure it produces images that are just like the professionals provide. In fact, in the past, this type of professional-looking video could only be achieved when you paid a company thousands of dollars to do it themselves. With the SimplTrack2 camera, you can get the exact same results for a fraction of the cost. Not only do you get IP connections and therefore remote management possibilities, but it also has several advanced features you simply won’t find on most of today’s auto-tracking PTZ cameras.

One of the biggest advantages of the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 camera is that you only have to set the settings once instead of each time you use the camera. This camera has advanced features and it is reliable, so you configure the settings and then forget about it because everything will still be set like this the next time you need to use the camera. This is a real time-saver, and if you run a company of any size, you already know that time equals money. With this feature, the SimplTrack2 PTZ camera allows you to save both.

Easy-to-Use Software and Much More

The SimplTrack2 PTZ camera utilizes software that allows you more control over your network. Why? Because the software is compatible and works with any and all SimplTrack2 cameras in your facility. 

One software program, several cameras. 

Setup can be done in one easy step, just one time, so that the parameters are set up in a way that meets your needs. This not only gives you a better sense of control over the recording process, but it makes it very simple to use the cameras because you won’t need different software packages for each camera.

In addition, if you wish to track your presenters, the SimplTrack2 camera makes it super easy. Even if the subject is 50 feet away, you can track him or her so that the image is very clear and very professional-looking. After all, professionalism is what you want whether you’re recording a class, a marketing video, or a presentation to your board of directors. You can use a wireless USB speakerphone to set up the USB audio recording function, or even operate the camera manually by using the software that is automatically included with your package.

If that wasn’t enough, you can utilize the HuddleCamHD joystick controller to make recording all of your presentations a lot like a video game! The company that made this camera truly thought of everything!

Features and Benefits of Your HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 PTZ Camera

To be sure, you get a lot of advantages when you purchase the SimplTrack2 PTZ camera, including:

  • A one-year warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve
  • Universal compatibility to save you both time and money
  • A power supply that comes with the camera
  • High-definition capabilities
  • Plug-and-play capability that makes operation easy even for people who aren’t tech-savvy
  • An optical zoom lens so that close-ups will be clear and not fuzzy or unprofessional

The camera also allows you to integrate the camera with your online learning management system. This includes 64GB of on-board memory that allows you to store up to four hours of recordings at 60 frames per second (60FPS) and at 1080p. People will be able to access the meetings you’ve already recorded through the software that comes with the camera, and you can even have a group of presentations automatically recorded so that people who wish to access any of them at a future date can do so easily. This makes it perfect for educational facilities that work hard to keep their online classes updated and available to all of their students.

Making it Easy on Their Customers

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 auto-tracking camera is compatible with both Mac computers and PCs, and since it uses two lenses for tracking, you can always count on getting the perfect field of view, or FOV. This is because the camera has an upper lens that is made for streaming and recording and which has a 59° FOV horizontally, as well as a bottom lens that has a FOV of 78° horizontal and 44° vertical. Because of this, your FOV is always going to be exactly what you need it to be, meaning you can concentrate on other things instead of worrying about this.

You can also count on your presentation videos to be seen in HD 1080p because the camera uses either IP streaming or 3G-SDI to give you videos with such high quality that people will be convinced they were prepared by the experts. Even better, you get this 1080p at 60FPS whether you use USB 3.0, SDI, or DVI. This makes the SimplTrack2 camera a very versatile camera that anyone can benefit from, regardless of the type of video presentations you need for your particular company or organization.

A Few Final Thoughts

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 auto-tracking PTZ camera is a new version that is even more advanced than the previous version. Yet another big advantage is the fact that it will work with nearly every online video conferencing software that is available, even without proprietary connections or additional drivers. HuddlecamHD truly thought of everything you’ll need to make operating the camera a piece of cake, which is good because not everyone out there is great with technology! If you are looking for a super-advanced PTZ camera that is great for both big and small companies, the SimplTrack2 is definitely one to consider.