Focal Twin6 Be Review – A Versatile Bestselling Powered Studio Monitor

The Focal Twin6 Be

Since 1979, Focal-JM Lab has been making benchmark equipment, including audio loudspeakers, headphones, and monitoring loudspeakers. They rely on their core values of design and technology and their commitment to quality to continually push the limits of what is possible with sound to create a listening experience that is unique.

They are focused on creating an incredible experience when listening to music, which is why they are quickly becoming a worldwide company. Their Focal Twin6 Be is a culmination of their effort and is designed to be flawless, distinguished, and incredibly powerful.

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focal twin6 be review – a versatile bestselling powered studio monitor

What Is the Focal Twin6 Be?

The Focal Twin6 Be is part of the SM6 line of monitoring loudspeakers. This line was designed specifically for recording studios that were in need of high-powered monitors that could easily reveal all of the sounds of the audio spectrum without any distortion or masking. Unlike some other lines, the SM6 line is designed specifically to offer all of the power and control that musicians need when playing and recording in a studio.

The bestseller of this line is the Focal Twin6 Be, which has been on the market for over nine years and is still a popular option for many musicians. This powerful work tool is a great solution for any musician looking to record, mix, and master their sound. It is packed with features that allow it to produce high-quality sounds and tones, no matter the register that you are playing in. It’s becoming popular not only throughout Europe but also the rest of the world, thanks to how versatile they are, as well as how powerful and easy to use they are, making them easy to set up and to control when editing or mixing music.

Who Is this Powered Monitor Designed for?

This is a great studio monitor for almost any studio and easily gives the user plenty of control and power when listening to and editing music. Because it can be installed either horizontally or vertically, it really is a great choice in smaller studios where there may be serious space constraints and limits.

The high price tag of the Focal Twin6 Be can put it out of reach for some musicians, which is why this piece of equipment is better suited to professionals or advanced musicians who are setting up a high-quality studio and looking to fill it with the best equipment on the market. While beginners will love the sound and control that the Focal Twin6 Be offers, the price of it can be a major deterrent for many musicians.

What’s Included?

The Focal Twin6 Be ships by itself, which is usual for this type of equipment. It arrives ready to be connected and installed in a studio, as long as you have the right cables on hand for it.

It’s important to use the Focal Twin6 Be with high-quality and powerful equipment, like a great computer and editing software. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy the best sound and tones from your new monitor.

Primary Features of the Focal Twin6 Be

The Focal Twin6 Be offers incredible stable tonal balance while permitting a surprisingly high SPL. Some of the other features include:

  • Three-way powered studio monitor
  • 1” Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
  • 40 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response
  • XLR input
  • 150W output power
  • Weighs 30.8 pounds
  • Includes power indicator

There are two 6.5” woofers in the Focal Twin6 Be. One of them reproduces sounds from 40 Hz to 150 Hz, while the other one works in large band sounds. This second woofer easily handles the midrange to the bass of your music, resulting in a rich and powerful tone, no matter what is begin played. It means that musicians can enjoy all of their signal dynamics without worrying about masking in the midrange, which can lower sound quality.

The bass register can be controlled by fine-tuning that is on the control panel. This panel is located at the back of the Focal Twin6 Be and allows musicians to create the perfect minor configuration of the two woofers.

The unique sandwich cone of the Focal Twin6 Be provides optimization of your frequency response curve. It controls damping, lightness, and rigidity, resulting in a transparent sound with great phase response and incredibly low distortion.

Alternatives to the Twin6 Be

A great alternative to consider if you’re not sure whether or not the Focal Twin6 Be is right for you is the Neumann KH 120A. This active studio monitor is a great option for musicians who are on a tighter budget but are still looking for a powerful piece of equipment. It features a compact and rugged design, as well as precision manufacturing to ensure that it won’t fail you, no matter how much use you put it through.

Another wonderful option is the Adam Audio A7X. This is a powered studio monitor that features all-new amplifiers, drivers, and a revised cabinet. These changes result in a powerful monitor that offers great near-field monitoring. The extended frequency response tweeter has a great response up to 50 kHz and is efficient, even under higher sound pressure levels.

Conclusion – Are These Monitors a Good Choice for You?

Focal Professional Twin6 Studio Monitors - Black/Red

The Focal Twin6 Be is a great choice for many musicians who are setting up a studio and want to make sure that they have the best sound quality that is possible, but it is important that you have a higher budget so that you can easily afford this expensive and powerful piece of equipment. It’s great for studios of all sizes and will easily broadcast sound through even larger studios without problems, but can be turned down and better controlled for use in a smaller space, as well.

The sheer power and great control offered by the Focal Twin6 Be is second to none, which means that when you choose this powerful studio monitor, you will enjoy the best sound possible. While it is not practical for live applications, this is a great option that you will want to consider when shopping for equipment that will really set your studio apart from others, but only if you have the budget for it.