Drum Articles

You don’t have to be a professional musician to create beautiful music with AudioVisual Pursuits. Our drum articles make it easy for anyone to add rhythm and energy to their events. With AudioVisual Pursuits, you can bring the joy of music to your group and share the power of music with the world.

alesis strike kit review a reliable electronic drum kit

Alesis Strike Kit Review: A Reliable Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis is known for pushing the boundaries when creating musical instruments and equipment and the Alesis Strike Kit is no different. This is a high-quality professional electronic drum kit. First made available in late 2016, the Alesis Strike Kit consists of eight pieces and is designed for professional use. Because Alesis knows that drummers need to be able to make adjustments on the fly, they created this drum kit to not only be responsive and easy to use but to also provide musicians with all of the control that they crave from their instruments.

korg volca beats review providing powerful analog drum sounds

Korg Volca Beats Review: Providing Powerful Analog Drum Sounds

As the first company to add effects to a synthesizer and the first to create the “key transpose” function, it’s easy to see how Korg leads the way in innovation. Their Volca Beats pushes the envelope and is no exception to their history of innovation and creativity.

pdp concept maple 7 piece review – a fresh sound that will have you excited

PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece Review – A Fresh Sound That Will Have You Excited

While Drum Workshop is known for producing high-quality instruments that tend to be more expensive, they have a division company called Pacific Drums and Percussion. The instruments and drum equipment produced under this division are affordable but just as durable and quality. Their PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece kit is such as high-quality as their other instruments on the market.

alesis dm10 mkii pro review – a premium electronic drum kit for professionals

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Review – A Premium Electronic Drum Kit for Professionals

They actively market their equipment to professional and semi-professional musicians, which means that all of their musical instruments are among the highest quality in the world and built to not only survive on tour but also to sound amazing. Just like the rest of their instruments and equipment, the DM10 MKII Pro kit is built to last, sound great, and bring out the best in any musician.