Canon PIXMA G4210 Review – A Money Saving All-in-One Printer

The Canon PIXMA G4210

Every church needs to have a great printer on hand to handle daily printing needs, as well as printing bulletins, mailers, and information for special events.

Finding a printer that is not only easy to operate but also offers plenty of power can be difficult. Canon has long had a reputation for producing some of the best and most reliable printers in their world, and their PIXMA G4210 continues in this tradition.

This is a powerful printer that is loaded with great features, making it a wonderful choice for use in most any church office.

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canon pixma g4210 review – a money saving all in one printer

What Is the Canon PIXMA G4210?

The Canon PIXMA G4210 was first introduced in 2015 and was originally designed to help users combat the incredibly high cost of refilling their printer ink.

This is a super tank printer, which means that it allows users to fill ink reservoirs, rather than using cartridges. These printers are supposed to be able to help users save money on buying ink, but some simply don’t have the power that others do.

The Canon PIXMA G4210, luckily, is the result of years of development and improvements.

While the original Canon super tank printer, the PIXMA G2200 wasn’t able to stand up to the scrutiny and use of its fans, the Canon PIXMA G4210 is designed to be not only less expensive but also much easier to use for daily printing.

It’s a great combination of a powerful and durable printer, as well as a money-saving machine that will cut down on the cost of ink over its lifetime.

Who Is this Printer Designed for?

This printer is designed for any church office that needs to be able to print high-quality documents and pictures.

No matter if they are used for a memorial service or for a presentation to the church council, these documents need to be flawless. The Canon PIXMA G4210 is designed to make it easy for anyone to print gorgeous documents quickly.

In addition to printing, this printer also copies, scans, and faxes, making it a great all-in-one printer. It can easily take the place of multiple pieces of office equipment, freeing up space in the office, as well as money in the budget.

What’s Included?

The Canon PIXMA G4210 ships with everything needed to get this printer up and running, which isn’t always the case with some printers. In addition to the wireless Canon PIXMA G4210 printer, there is also a setup CD-ROM in the box so that users can get the printer up and running immediately.

It also ships with a black print head, color print head, power cord, and telephone cord.

To ensure that users can start printing right away, the printer comes with a 4” x 6” photo paper sample pack. It also comes with a full set of ink bottles.

The colors are black, magenta, cyan, and yellow, and two bonus full-size bottles of black are included. This is about 30x the ink that generally ships with standard ink cartridges.

Primary Features of the PIXMA G4210

There’s a lot to love about the Canon PIXMA G4210, such as the integrated ink tanks, which let users easily see how much ink is left and let them know when they need to fill the tanks. Canon didn’t just stop there, however, as this printer also boasts:

  • Borderless photo printing capabilities
  • Canon PRINT app to allow printing from mobile devices
  • AirPrint to print from Apple products
  • Auto Document Feeder for fast scanning, copying, and faxing
  • Low ink cost
  • Continuous ink supply system to make it easy to print large quantities of papers

The ability to print wirelessly from any device is one of the main draws of the Canon PIXMA G4210. This makes it possible for everyone in the church office to quickly and effortlessly upload their document or photo and print it on the go, which reduces delays and frustration.

Additionally, the photos printed on this printer are gorgeous. One drawback to the Canon PIXMA G4210 is the very slow printing speed, but admittedly, the finished product is very attractive and worth the wait in most cases.

Alternatives to the Canon PIXMA G4210

Even though the Canon PIXMA G4210 is a great option for a lot of churches, it does tend to be a bit expensive, which can lead some offices to look for an alternative. The Canon PIXMA TR8520 is much more cost-effective but still manages to offer some of the same great features. Thanks to its compact design, it fits easily on a desk without taking too much room, and the 4.3” LCD touchscreen makes it easy for all users to control the settings on the printer without problems.

The Epson WorkForce ET-3750 is a wonderful option to consider for larger churches that need a bit more power from their printer. It uses low-cost replacement ink, which is a great way to save money in the future.

Additionally, it has a 150-sheet capacity and can print borderless printing on 8.5” x 11” pages, making it perfect for printing large pictures and flyers without any problems or decrease in quality.

Conclusion – Will You Be Happy with this Printer?

Canon PIXMA G4210 Wireless MegaTank All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Any church that needs to be able to print high-quality photographs, charts, graphs, or documents will love having the Canon PIXMA G4210 in their office.

While it may be a little slow to handle large document orders in a timely fashion, it is incredibly cost-effective to run over its lifetime and does an impressive job printing gorgeous documents.

Any church that tends to use their printer on a regular basis is tired of overpaying for ink and wants something that can produce high-quality results will love the Canon PIXMA G4210.

It’s incredibly affordable, especially when you factor in the impressive long-term savings when buying replacement ink. While it is not as fast as some other printers on the market, it is a Canon, which means that it is built to last.

It also focuses more on printing high-quality documents than doing so quickly, which may be a great option for your needs.