Best USB Microphone For Singing: Bring Your Vocals To Life

Singers who want to improve the quality of their recordings can benefit from the best USB microphone for singing. The Blue Yeti Pro Condenser Microphone is powerful enough to create studio-quality recordings from the comfort of your own home, helping users save time and money over locating, renting, and traveling to a recording studio.

When you use the Blue Yeti Pro, you will find that you can achieve a clear sound in all of your recordings. Whether you are making a name for yourself and need to improve the quality of your recordings or are an amateur who is trying to find a niche in singing, the right microphone will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Common problems with microphones include fading in and out of the audio, popping noises, and distortion. To combat these issues and others, you will need to make sure that you choose the best USB microphone for your needs.

USB microphones are small, compact, and easy to take with you from one location to another but still powerful enough to capture all of the nuances in your voice that set you apart from the competition so you can stand out.

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best usb microphone for singing bring your vocals to life

The Best USB Microphone For Singing

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Product?

  • Choosing the type of diaphragm your microphone uses is essential. Dynamic microphones are better for recording loud sounds such as full bands while condenser microphones are better for single recording vocals, making them ideal for picking up a singer who is performing by himself or herself.
  • The frequency response of the microphone that you choose will play a huge role in how the final sound is picked up. You want to consider the tone and quality of your voice when selecting a microphone so you can pick one with lower or higher frequencies.
  • Polar pattern refers to how a microphone can capture sound. Different polar patterns will pick up sound from different direction and locations, making it easy for users to record just front sound for recording vocals or getting an ambient sound with the figure eight or omnidirectional polar patterns. For highlighting a single singer, the cardioid is the best option.
  • Finally, consider the pop filter on the microphone, which is used to stop excessive air from causing loud pops in your final recording. Some microphones have built-in pop filters while others have a place where you can attach a pop filter. The quality of your pop filter will play a huge role in the overall sound quality of your final recording.

Why We Chose This Product Over Others

We love the Blue Yeti Pro because it offers four different polar patterns that you can choose from so you can easily customize your recording, no matter if you’re going to be singing solo, as a duet, or with other musicians. Being able to switch between different polar patterns gives you fantastic control over your final recording and ensures that you can cut out all ambient sound from your recording area. Additionally, this microphone is versatile and robust enough to handle recording from a single source or multiple without sacrificing your sound quality.

This is one of the easiest USB microphones to set up and start using and can be plugged into your computer right after opening the box. This allows even amateur musicians to begin recording their music right away and since it has a built-in headphone amp, you will be able to monitor your sound quality immediately. Adjust the volume on your headphones, mute the microphone, and choose a different polar pattern quickly with easy-to-use buttons. While you can buy more advanced microphones that will also meet your needs, the Blue Yeti Pro is as reliable as it is easy to use and will create amazing recordings that you will be proud of.

What We Like and Dislike About This Product


Perfect for beginners, the Blue Yeti Pro has each of the four different polar pattern settings marked and labeled with the suggesting recording applications. This allows everyone to choose the right recording pattern for his or her needs, so the final product is high-quality.

The custom base will help you to manage your cables, so they aren’t sprawling all over your desk. It’s great because the mic stand is threaded, is built to last, and won’t get damaged or cause your microphone to fall over if you accidentally knock it.

It works with a variety of different operating systems so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will run with your Mac or Windows operating system.

The one-year extended warranty will give you peace of mind when you choose this microphone as you can have it replaced if the microphone is damaged when it is shipped to you or stops working suddenly.


The size of this microphone is a little large, so people who have limited space or who were interested in a smaller microphone need to keep looking for another product. This larger size makes the microphone a bit heavy as well.

You will have to buy a pop filter to go with this microphone to prevent popping during recording.

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Product

If you’re on the hunt for the best USB microphone for singing, then you can’t do any better than the Blue Yeti Pro. While other USB microphones may be smaller, this microphone acts as a whole recording studio and has the power that you need to record incredible sound no matter where you are. It’s strong enough to be able to handle inside sounds but can also be used outdoors. With the right polar pattern selected, you will still be able to pick up your voice, no matter how the rest of the environment sounds.

This is the most powerful USB microphone that you can buy for singing, and while it does cost a little more than other similar microphones, the difference is clear. With USB and XLR outputs, you won’t ever have to worry about connecting this microphone, and since it has three condenser capsules, you will be blown away by the recording power and final sound quality of your songs. When paired with a durable pop filter, this USB microphone will more than meet your needs when you want to record. Its advanced features and incredible versatility make it take the place of multiple microphones and recording devices, giving you complete control in a user-friendly package.

This is why we feel this microphone is the best USB microphone for singing.