BenQ MU686 Review – A Powerful and Wireless Projector

The BenQ MU686

Too often, setting up a projector for a meeting or group event can be a messy endeavor, as well as very difficult due to all of the wires that need to be used for the equipment. Technologically-savvy churches, as well as other businesses, can benefit from skipping the wires altogether and opting instead for a wireless projector.

These offer the same power and control that their wired alternatives do, but are very easy to control and to set up quickly. The BenQ MU686 is one of the most popular wireless projectors on the market today, making it a clear choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable projector that is fast and easy to use.

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benq mu686 review – a powerful and wireless projector

What Is the BenQ MU686?

The BenQ MU686 is a reliable projector that can easily stand up to more expensive options, providing great output and impressive colors and sharp features.

It doesn’t require a lot of adjustment, which is great for setting it up and allowing people to watch a movie or a presentation. Thanks to the one-touch controls, it’s perfectly designed for fast and easy wireless streaming.

It’s been on the market since 2016, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to undergo big changes. In fact, thanks to the low dB operating noise, the bright 3500 lumens, and the impressive contrast ratio, this projector is able to offer great quality pictures and videos even at an impressive price point.

Who Is this Projector Designed for?

This is a powerful projector that is designed for use in small to medium-sized rooms and it is wireless. Not only does this mean that the projector won’t become a hazard with a lot of wires running around the room, but also that it is a highly portable option for mobile churches.

At just over seven pounds, it’s easy to pack up this projector and take it on the go or to place it out of the way and in storage.

The price is great, considering all of the impressive features of this projector. Thanks to the price, as well as how easy this projector is to use, this is a great option for most any church.

It’s fairly easy to operate and to control, which is perfect for church members or staff of all ages.

What’s Included?

The BenQ MU686 ships with everything needed to get started setting up and then operating this projector without any delay. It is wireless so you can start using it right away. The included remote is powerful and easy to operate, and the optional dongle makes it easy to connect this equipment.

While it doesn’t ship with cables, the BenQ MU686 does offer USB and HDMI connectivity. This is optional, as the equipment is wireless, so users need to have these cables on hand if they prefer to physically connect their new projector.

Primary Features of the MU686

The BenQ MU686 offers industry-leading pixel fill, which means that it is able to produce some of the truest blacks on the market. This means that all reports, graphs, letters, and charts that are shown on this projector are clear and crisp, reducing eye strain and making it really easy for people to read the information. Other great features include:

  • Superfine WUXGA ensures perfect picture clarity
  • Smart design for fast and easy wireless streaming
  • Included 1.5A USB Type A power output
  • MHL connectivity
  • Power saving eco-system to save money and optimize the use
  • 20,000:1 high contrast ratio
  • 3x zoom for creating big pictures, no matter the space

One of the leading features of the BenQ MU686 is that the remote and the projector have QCast buttons. Pushing these buttons makes the projector instantly start wireless streaming, which is great, as it eliminates the need for wires in the room. Additionally, the optional dongle fits into a hidden port for plug and play capabilities, eliminating clutter.

Thanks to the auto vertical keystone, users will be able to enjoy perfect images at all times with this projector. It makes it possible to easily align images, no matter the location of the projector, making them easier to see.

The LampSave Mode that the BenQ MU686 offers automatically adjusts the power used and is a great way to extend the overall life of the lamp.

Alternatives to the BenQ MU686

Even though the BenQ MU686 is a great option for a lot of people or churches, the BenQ MW612 may be a better choice for some people. This projector can easily project images that are 120” from just over 13’ away.

Additionally, it features a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, but comes with a lower price tag. It can easily be installed in almost any location without fear of lowered picture or video quality.

The Optoma WU334 is a great option for buyers on a budget who still want WUXGA technology and to be able to use their projector in brighter rooms without problems.

While the lamp life isn’t as long, the lower price tag can make it much more affordable for smaller churches. The lower price and lower lamp life are a compromise, but one that is worth it for a lot of people.

Conclusion – Is this Projector Right for You?

BenQ MU686 High Brightness Low Noise Business Projector with WUXGA for Wireless Presentation Projector

Any business, individual, or church who is looking for an affordable wireless projector that still offers plenty of control and great picture quality is sure to be happy with the BenQ MU686. It’s a powerful piece of equipment that is designed to be easy to use and to operate without a lot of necessary adjustments.

It does a great job providing incredibly accurate color and features a solid build that is made to last for a long time.

No matter if it is used for council presentations, to showcase a youth trip, or for Sunday services, the BenQ MU686 is loaded with features that set it apart, such as the single-chip DLP light.

Designed to provide some of the best color and sharpest lines of all projectors on the market, the BenQ MU686 is sure to please at a surprisingly affordable price.