Behringer FX2000 Review – Set The Right Mood With These Effects

The Behringer FX2000

If you are the type of person who regularly performs in front of a crowd, then you might be interested in making things as special as possible. Musicians or other types of performers often need to use audio equipment to make sure that a performance goes off without a hitch. Aside from using normal audio equipment, having a unit that can help you with sound effects can be beneficial. This will allow you to use effects such as reverb, echoes, and much more.

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behringer fx2000 review

Having a good sound effects unit to add to your live show can really make it stand out. It gives you more options when you’re trying to make an impression. This has potential when it comes to live music shows and it could also be used for many other types of events. For this reason, the Behringer FX2000 has proven to be a very popular virtualizer FX unit.

You have likely heard of the Behringer brand if you are a musician or if you regularly buy professional-grade audio equipment. These professionals make very high-quality equipment and this FX2000 unit is no exception. Read on to determine whether or not this unit is going to be the right purchase for you to make. You can learn everything that you need to know so that you can make an informed decision.

Who Does This Appeal to?

This type of audio equipment is mostly going to appeal to people who are performers. It has more live applications than it does studio applications. Even so, there are many people who purchase this effects visualizer to help them during the recording process. It just isn’t as necessary when you could use software to get the same effect.

Musicians and people who own concert venues will be the primary demographic for this type of effects machine. It can help to add layers of sound possibilities to any live performance. This is not an overly expensive unit to purchase either. It is easy for people to buy one of these and use it to make a live performance stand out. Setting this up with the rest of your audio equipment will be very simple and making use of it will be easy.

People who perform in plays and other types of theater events may find an effects machine such as this to be useful too. Being able to add an echo effect to microphones can help to add some authenticity to certain sections of a play. There are many uses for a unit such as this in the world of the theater so it would not be unusual at all for a theater or a theater troupe to buy something such as this.

Churches find the Behringer FX2000 to be of interest as well. A church will be able to buy one of these units and use it in religious plays. An echo effect to help accentuate a certain point or interesting sounds to add depth to an Easter play can be a lot of fun. It is an inexpensive way to make your church plays even more interesting. Of course, the primary benefit would be to add effects to your vocals and music during worship.

What’s Included in the Box?

There is not much included in the box here so you will need to lower your expectations when it comes to extras. You will receive a handy user’s manual, though. Hanging onto this can be a good idea as you can learn quite a bit about how to get the most out of the effects. You’ll be receiving the unit itself and may need to buy some cables to get it working with your setup. Knowing this ahead of time should allow you to be prepared to purchase some RCA cables or other types of stereo cables ahead of time.

The Features Of The FX2000

The quality of the effects sounds on this unit cannot be denied. When you consider the affordability of this unit, it really is impressive to hear how good the sound is. Both the reverb and echo effects can be considered superb. You will be able to enjoy very realistic-sounding effects that can certainly add levels of complexity to any live performance.

The auto panning and tremolo effects will also likely prove to be popular. You can pair this together with a synthesizer if you have one to get some very interesting effects sounds. Whatever it is that you are planning on doing, these effects will be able to give you more options. Whether you are looking for live music performance effects or sound effects for a play, these will sound very good.

One of the more disappointing aspects of the unit is the pitch shift effect. It does not seem to have the same level of care put into it that the other effects do. If pitch shifting is one of the main reasons why you are interested in this unit, then you may want to look for a better solution. The effect is there but it just may not sound quite as good as you were hoping.

Even so, the features of this unit are quite impressive. You can enjoy 71 new algorithms with real sound modeling stereo and 3D effects. The modulation is truly remarkable and the amp simulation, distortion, and special effects will always have real quality to them. This is a worthy purchase if you are in the market for an effects machine.

An Alternative to Consider

If this model from Behringer doesn’t seem as if it is for you, then you may want to consider an alternative. The Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer is a very good effects machine that will be easy to use. It offers many of the features that the Behringer unit does but some effects may be better. The pitch shifting effect is a good example of something that the Roland VT-4 has the edge on.

This is more expensive than the Behringer FX2000, though. If you want to buy this one, then you will be paying a fair bit more money for it. Both of the effects processors are very good at what they do. You really cannot go wrong with either so it should come down to how much you need to use pitch shifting.

Conclusion – Will The Behringer FX2000 Work For You?

BEHRINGER, Silver & Black (FX2000)

The Behringer FX2000 is a good effects processor that can add some authenticity to your live performance. People can use it for musical performances and it will also be a lot of fun to use for a play. It is going to be useful for many different purposes and it is actually easy to use overall. If you want to be able to have a cost-effective effects processor, then this might be one of the best options on the market.