Audio-Technica AT2021 Review – A Small and Mighty Microphone

The Audio-Technica AT2021

Audio-Technica is a Japanese company founded in 1962. They have focused on audio equipment since their inception and are known for being able to produce high-quality equipment that is surprisingly affordable, which makes them a great option for most musicians, especially ones who are on a tighter budget and can’t afford more expensive options.

Thanks to their commitment to quality, they are known for producing high-quality microphones that are great for use on the stage, as well as in the recording studio, which is great for versatile musicians. Any musician or church praise band looking to sound their best on stage will want to consider an Audio-Technica microphone, with the AT2021 being one of the top contenders in their lineup.

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audio technica at2021 review – a small and mighty microphone

What Is the Audio-Technica AT2021?

This microphone was designed for use as a general microphone that can be used to easily capture instruments, vocals, and amps. It features a small diaphragm condenser that is designed to produce a strong cardioid polar pattern. This helps reduce outside noise and results in a clear and bright sound at all times.

Additionally, the Audio-Technica AT2021 helps to surpass distortion when used to capture transient sources such as a piano, bass, guitar, drums, or another percussion.

Released just over a year ago, the AT2021 is a culmination of years of production and quality control and improvement at Audio-Technica. It’s a shockingly small microphone that only weighs 9.6 ounces, but still offers plenty of control and power.

Who Is this Microphone Designed for?

This great microphone was designed to be used in both live and studio applications, making it an incredibly versatile option that is great for both recording and performing artists.

The low price point of the AT2021 makes it an affordable option for musicians of all skill levels, which is why it is so popular not only with more advanced musicians but also beginners.

Thanks to the control and power that it offers, as well as how easy it is to set up and use the Audio-Technica AT2021, it’s perfect for beginning musicians, as well as for use by a church praise band.

It offers great sound control and decreases problems with exterior noises, but is surprisingly easy to set up and start using, which means that sound teams of all skill levels can handle it.

What’s Included?

When musicians buy the Audio-Technica AT2021 they will also receive a soft protective pouch, which is perfect for both storing and for transporting this microphone. The pouch is designed to fit snugly around the microphone and prevent it from being damaged. Additionally, a microphone stand clamp is included, which makes it easy to attach the microphone to a stand.

Unfortunately, this stand clamp doesn’t always have a very tight fit on the microphone, so musicians need to check it from time to time to ensure that the microphone doesn’t come loose and slip out.

Primary Features of the AT2021

It can be a little tricky to find a microphone that works just as well in live applications as it does in the studio, but the Audio-Technica AT2021 is designed to meet the needs of musicians who are performing live and who are recording, thanks to its extended frequency response and impressive transient response. Other great features include:

  • Great for use in high-SPL applications
  • Low-mass element
  • Extended response results in natural and smooth sonic characteristics
  • Great for use with vocals and instruments
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 250 ohms impedance
  • Weighs just under three pounds

This smaller microphone is surprisingly powerful given its size, which means that it can easily be used in a variety of live and studio applications without getting in the way or taking up too much space. It’s designed to be easily set up and turned on, offering incredible sound without a lot of tweaking.

Additionally, the Audio-Technica AT2021 features a very powerful cardioid polar pattern. This reduces the microphone picking up any sound from the rear and sides and makes it easy for musicians to isolate their desired sound.

One issue that some vocalists have with the AT2021 is that it has a shorter body than other similar mics, which makes it difficult to hold the microphone and move around the stage with it. This means that it is better used with a stand in a permanent location for performances.

Alternatives to the Audio-Technica AT2021

Musicians who are looking to use their microphone in the studio full time instead of also using it on stage may want to consider the Audio-Technica AT2022 X/Y. This is a powerful stereo condenser microphone that is designed to work wonders in the studio. Thanks to the battery operation and the ability to select 90 or 120-degree stereo operation, musicians can rely on great narrow or wide patterns, perfect for most any recording use.

The Rode M5-MP cardioid condenser microphones are a great purchase for any musician who needs two microphones at once. Rode is another high-quality company, such as Audio-Technica, which is why this is a popular option. In addition to being compact, they offer a low noise as well as a full frequency response. Additionally, they ship with stand mounts, as well as windshields, for great sound and very little distortion or outside noise.

Conclusion – Will You Be Happy with this Microphone?

Audio-Technica AT2021 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Performing and recording musicians will appreciate not only how portable and light the AT2021 is but also what a great job it does of isolating the desired sound source, which makes any musician feel more confident and sound better when playing.

The small design of the Audio-Technica AT2021 makes it ideal for use in smaller recording studios and also allows musicians to have the microphone on stage without worrying about it taking up too much room.

Thanks to the low cost of this microphone, it manages to be a surprisingly affordable option for most musicians and churches.

It can easily be used as a mic for any instrument or vocalist on stage, making it a wonderful and highly versatile option for use during Sunday morning services or for use during Wednesday night worship.

It is powerful enough to be used for gigging on Friday night and still work perfectly to provide smooth and natural sound on Sunday morning.